Hi, I’m Sonsare.

I’d love to tell you about myself especially as you might want to grant me the exciting privilege of creating something for you.

My Love For Art Goes Waaaaaay Back

As my fellow Nigerians will say, “e don tey”. Since I was a kid, I had a flair for drawing and creative stuff. I remember when my mum bought me the 64 crayon pack by Crayola. It felt as if I was given a brand new iPad Pro. I was over the moon!

In secondary school I loved art class and looked forward to it each week. Here is a drawing I did when I was a teenager.


Although I liked to draw and be creative in general, I never felt I was good enough to take it further than a hobby. This was one of the reasons why I eventually studied Political Science at university. At that point I had dreams of being an academic like my Dad and planned to do a PhD at some point. I went on to do a Masters degree in International Relations and eventually decided the Academic life wasn’t for me.

Back on Track

After my Masters Degree, from 2014 to 2019 I worked with some organisations in a couple of non-design related jobs (to pay the bills). In between those jobs, I gradually developed graphic and web design skills! I even did jobs for clients!

Fast forward to 2020 and I’m mindblown to see that I have successfully created 19 visual identities, 13 websites and a variety of other design projects.

In the last 5 years I have gained extensive experience through a mix of doing work for clients, self-learning, binge-watching great designers on YouTube and paid courses/tutorials. In 2019, I completed a 12 week course in front-end development. Learning is a way of life for me. Your project will be handled by capable hands.

I’m married to an incredibly exciting and passionate person. I wake up fired up most days of my life as there’s a lot of passion to go round in my home. Your project will be undertaken with all the passion it deserves.

I’m currently a civil servant in a full-time, stable and flexible job which allows me to go to work super early and get home early. When I get home, before my wife gets back, I change into my creative superhero outfit and spend delightful hours designing and working on projects. 

Having a stable income keeps me from desperately seeking design projects, giving me the freedom to only take offers which are worth my time and value. I’m also able to keep myself from piling up projects, unrealistically committing to complete them. Your project will be safe in my care and have all the attention it deserves.

Last but certainly not the least, I’m greatly enabled by the Creator of this mind-blowing universe! I have an intimate relationship with Him, look to Him for inspiration and constantly ask Him for help with all the projects I work on. Who better than He who designed the birds of the air, fish of the sea and much more, to go to for creative inspiration!